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Environment & climate protection

Photovoltaik Anlage Kajagu

Photovoltaic system

There is a 21.35 kWp photovoltaic system on the roof of our company building.

As of January 1st, 2021 we could already safe...

approx. 17.5 tons of CO2

... that corresponds to ...

approx. 520 trees planted.

Electricity storage / solar battery

We store the electricity we generate ourselves during the day in a...

35.5 kWh power storage

Because of this our company can largely operate without the purchase of external electricity (except in winter when there is a lack of sunlight). In the event of a power failure we can continue to work completely independently of external power sources (so-called island solution).


Charging station for


There are 2 charging stations for electric cars on our company parking lots. These charging stations are fed by our own PV system or our electricity storage system. Our e-cars and hybrid cars can be charged with 100% self-generated solar power.

flower meadow

Many insects as well as bees and butterflies find plenty of food on our large company property. We strive to allow many flowers and other flowering plants to grow naturally - as a food source and habitat for many beneficial insects.

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